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Welcome to PTWYLIE

This is PTWYLIE, Digital Marketing Generalist. In an age of specialists, PTWYLIE whose knowledge, aptitudes, and skills are applied to all facets of digital marketing. The power of the generalist lies in the ability to decimate the knowledge from all fields of expertise providing to the client the big picture.

Marketing? Really?

Before Marketing! Yup. Your marketing platform just like your home needs to built on on solid ground with sound infrastructure. If it is not then like your home it will fall down and all your effort lost. I can build your platform or at the very least inspect, perform an analysis, report your condition.

Marketing Digitally

Your Digital Footprint is your Key to Success! Traditional marketing is quite different than marketing on-line. You need to have all the components of your marketing strategy in place before embarking on any marketing campaigns. It's like putting the cart before the horse and you know the outcome of that!

Promoting Yourself

Content marketing is the basis of pull marketing or inbound marketing as opposed to traditional style push marketing practices. Social Media marketing is a way to distribute your content. Understanding where your customers are getting their information and listening to what their saying is crucial.

Do you need a generalist or a specialist?

There are truths that can only be revealed by a generalist who can take ideals and present them in broader understanding.
Phyllis Davis
I had quadrupled my readership. These kinds of results are a direct result of the talent and dedication of Paul T. Wylie a  most knowledgeable digital marketer.
Phyllis Davis Ethics and Etiquette Expert
Ilya Kushnirskiy
I was introduced to Paul from an online recommendation. It was obvious from our first conversation that he knew the world of online marketing & tech inside and out.
Ilya Kushnirskiy Owner 300 Watches
Yvette Dalton
Paul is our go to guru! We have been working with Paul on a number of projects every step in the processes Paul is there to guide the way.
Yvette Dalton Operations Engineer
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